Jon AD - Mega​-​Plaskweeebo

by Jon AD

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released April 25, 2011


all rights reserved


Track Name: Jon AD - Mega-Plaskweeebo Side A

1.) Lazercrotch - Shanghai Tunnel <Flogsta Danshall>
2.) Limonious – Dutty Frutty <Flogsta Danshall>
3.) Melkeveien Ft. Sagtaan – Melkeveien <ramp>
4.) Daniel Savio – Black Water <losonofono>
5.) Markis Sage – Pig Courier Down <forthcoming losonofono>
6.) Becoming Real – The Thing <Lo Fi Funk>
7.)Spartan Lover – Sex With a Woman <Ramp>
8.) V.C. KOR For Life (DEMO VERSION)
9.) Boogie Down Productions – Super ho <B Boy>
10.) Mangrove – Mental Metronome <Flogsta Danshall>
11.) Uday - Head Of Horse <Flogsta Danshall>
12.) Baba Stiltz - Sexy Daniel <Flogsta Danshall>
13.) Guido - Way you make me feel <Punch Drunk>
14.) Daniel Savio – Pearly Gates <losonofono>
Track Name: Jon AD - Mega-Plaskweeebo Side B
1.) Spartan Lover - Dragg Kingz
2.) Cex - Secret Monog (Baconhead RMX)
3.) Slow Hand Motem - Secret of the Ooze <Poisonous Gases>
4.) Hybakusha - The Number Of The Glitch <Mässy>
5.) Rigas Den Andre – No Class <Flogsta Danshall>
6.) The Munchies – Double Whopper <Flogsta Danshall>
7.) V.C. - Kuumerytmi (DEMO VERSION) <Forthcoming on Donky Pitch Records>
8.) Beastie Boys - make some noise (passion pit remix)
9.) Cuverville – Troglodytes <Mazout>
10.) Daniel Savio – The Dinn <Flogsta Danshall>
11.) Randy Baracudda – Sex People <Laton>
12.) Beem & Joxaren – Pros and Cons of War <Harmönia>
13.) Joxaren – Aklart Apprag <Flogsta Danshall>

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